Cancun Airport Transfers

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Cancun Airport Transfers


What is the minimum time required to make my reservation?

For arrivals, we need at least 2 hours before you land at the Cancun Airport. If the reservation is a departure, transfer or tour you must make your reservation with at least 24 hrs of anticipation this will allow us to program your pick up, confirm your flight information and authorize payment for your service.

What happens with my transportation service, if my flight is delayed?

Our customer service department it’s always monitoring the flights stats, so you don’t need to worry about your arrival time, our staff will be waiting for you, no matter if your flight is late.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL at the Cancun Airport, there are many timeshare salespeople located in the corridor on your way out to meet us for your pick up. Is not necessary that you stop and speak to them, walk through the corridor and meet with our representatives outside; we will be ready for your arrival at the airport 24/7. If for any reason you cannot locate our representative, please contact us by phone or email, we will immediately send a representative to meet you. We NEVER ask anyone outside our company to take you to your hotel. If anybody at the airport offers to take you to your hotel on our behalf and does not have our uniform on or our logo on their sign and tries to charge you extra, please refuse. We are not responsible for any other company or their actions.

If your transportation is fully paid upon your arrival, the only extra money you may need is a tip for your driver.

Do I have to print my Cancun Airport Transfers reservation voucher?

It is recommended to print your confirmation so that when you land in Cancun you can show the reservation to our representative and the pick-up process will be quicker. If you do not print it DON'T WORRY, providing your last name and the reservation number we can check it in our system, after confirming it´s you, you can board the vehicle. You will sign the boarding pass before boarding the vehicle. If your flight is delayed, there is no need to worry, we are monitoring the flights and we know when your flight is going to land.

What if you can´t contact us at the hotel for the pick-up time back to the airport?

We will be outside of your Hotel (in the main lobby) at the time marked on your boarding pass. This is the same boarding pass that you signed upon your pick-up on the day of your arrival. Remember, if you make any changes for the pick-up time or location that your original reservation states, you must let us know at least 12 hours before the pick up time. While doing this change, please confirm the name of who took the change and who is confirmed to provide the service.

We are not responsible if you miss your flight due to any change you have personally made, all changes made by the passenger is at their own risk.

IF YOU BOOK ONLINE you need a credit card for the payment. We have implemented a secure online tool to make all credit card transactions safe for you.

For your safety, we DO NOT share any confidential information.

**Do not forget that when you reserve with us you are accepting the terms and conditions of our company.


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